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Elizabeth Willenbrink

Wonderful Waterfalls

Beckley Creek Park, Broad Run Park, Turkey Run Park

Waterfalls are a unique treat on long hikes where the trickling water can provide a calming break on a difficult walk. While there are no waterfalls on Floyds Fork creek, there are many seasonally flowing creeks that have small waterfalls throughout The Parklands. All waterfalls in The Parklands are ephemeral waterfalls, meaning that they only flow during periods with a lot of precipitation. The best time to go looking for waterfalls is soon after a large rain event in the fall, winter, or spring, but it is not likely you will see waterfalls flowing during the dry summer months. Here is a list of waterfalls throughout The Parklands:

  • Limestone Gorge Waterfall, Broad Run Park: This is the largest waterfall in the park and flows intensely after storms. To see this waterfall, park at the Limestone Gorge parking lot and take a right onto the Louisville Loop. Walk until you are on the bridge and here you can view this spectacular water feature.
  • Limestone Gorge Trail, Broad Run Park: This moderately difficult hike crisscrosses many small streams and waterfalls. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting wet because you may have to step through some water on the trail. This trail is best hiked in early spring. This trail is accessible from the Limestone Gorge parking lot where the trailhead is located right off the Louisville Loop.
  • Karst Climb Trail, Broad Run Park: View many cascading waterfalls on this one-way hike. Park at the Cliffside Paddling Access and hike up toward Highland Crossing.

  • Wild Hyacinth Trail, Turkey Run Park: Hike this trail in the spring to see shelf waterfalls flowing amidst wildflowers, including Wild Hyacinth. This trail can be accessed from the parking lot at the Ben Stout House.
  • North Beckley Paddling Access Waterfall, Beckley Creek Park: This waterfall serves as an overflow drainage between the William F. Miles fishing lakes and Floyds Fork creek. This waterfall is tucked into the woods right off the driveway down to the North Beckley Paddling Access parking lot.