Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden Venue

Broad Run Park

The more we poked around this section of Broad Run Park, just north of the Cliffside Center, the more we fell in love with this forested hillside and decided to preserve it as a woodland garden. We planted thousands of shrubs and ferns and native perennials like mayapple to create spaces within the undergrowth that feel like rooms. Sit inside one of these alcoves and marvel at Kentucky’s living woodland.

Find inner peace outdoors.

A sun-and-stars rondel gateway, a shade-dappled ring of stone slabs, pockets of gardens winding off the main path — the varied spaces of this garden present a dramatic balance of intimacy and immensity. The foliage layers and aural subtleties make the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden the perfect setting for an hour spent in contemplation, a stroll past understory trees like redbuds and dogwoods, or a small wedding ceremony.

See the forest and the trees.

There’s a lot of ground to cover at The Parklands, so before you head out here, feel free to use this video to get the bird’s-eye view of our venues.

Attention all social butterflies.

Host your event with us and feel good about choosing The Parklands, since funds generated from facility rentals support the annual operations of this donor-supported public park. Read up on the permits required for large group use or commercial activity use.