James Garner

Outdoor Adventure Camp: Winter Break Edition

It’s that time of the year again, and the excitement is palpable. No, I’m not talking about the holiday season. I’m talking about Winter Break Camp at The Parklands!

Our Outdoor Adventure Camp is a great opportunity in any season for campers to experience the beauty of nature up close and create lifelong memories and friendships while exploring The Parklands. In the summer, they spend their time wading, fishing, and kayaking in Floyds Fork, but our Winter Break Camp offers so many unique experiences they don’t get any other time!

Returning campers will get a chance to experience some of their favorite summer camp destinations but with a wintery twist. Winter Break Camp also provides opportunities to explore new parts of The Parklands that may not be accessible during the spring & summer sessions. The Parklands’ Winter Break Camp encourages students in kindergarten through 6th grade to explore the environment around us through activities that are engaging and hands-on for all ages. From building a winter fort that blends in or playing camouflage tag to fun winter crafts and science experiments, there’s always a reason to smile and laugh during Winter Break Camp.

Outdoor Adventure Camp is a great way to keep students active and learning during the school break, helping them discover and foster curiosity for nature even during the colder months. Winter Break Camp is held December 27-30, 2023 and January 2-5, 2024 and is $50/day for Parklands members and $55 for non-members.

This winter, let your children experience the magic of The Parklands with our Education team through activities such as biking, hiking, crafts, games, and learning new outdoor skills. For more information on camp or to sign up, click here. Check out the video and pictures below to get a glimpse into what Winter Break Camp looks like!

We look forward to seeing you in The Parklands this winter!