Elizabeth Willenbrink

What’s Blooming in Beckley?

Beckley Creek Park is a great place to go if you love wildflowers! This time of year marks the beginning of wildflower season throughout The Parklands, and the pollinator garden surrounding PNC Achievement Center is a great place to visit to see all of the wonderful flowery colors.

Started in the Summer of 2019, Blooming in Beckley is a display board in the PNC Achievement Center that is updated weekly by education staff. The board identifies which wildflowers you can see in Beckley Creek Park. This board is a great place to start if you are new to flower identification or if you just want to know the name of the beautiful purple flower you passed on your walk.

PNC Achievement Center is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Blooming in Beckley board can be seen through the front windows next to the main entrance! Stop by, check out the board, and then take a beautiful stroll through the gardens and prairies to see the beautiful wildflowers!

Visit the PNC Center and look through the window to find out what’s blooming now! 


Golden Alexander




False Blue Indigo