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Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Fisher

Kathy Fisher is a longtime Parklands volunteer, Ambassador and Member. Earlier this year, Kathy was inspired to assemble and hand out “goodie bags” containing treats for park visitors and their canine companions. The bags also contain a Membership Information card to help spread the word about our Membership program—a key component of maintaining this donor-supported public park. She recently put together a big batch of them for staff and volunteers to hand out during our Fall Membership Drive (Oct. 23-29), so if you find yourself lucky enough to get one, be sure to thank Kathy for all of her hard work!

Kathy and her grandson enjoying The Parklands. 

How long have you been a Parklands Member and volunteer?

I believe I became a Member in 2013. When I retired in August 2013, I wanted to do something that moved my heart and soul. So, I volunteered at The Parklands.

What inspired you to create Membership “goodie bags” for park visitors?

When talking to guests at The Parklands, I thought that if I had a “token” to give out, they would remember the importance of Memberships and join! It also gave me a reason to stop and talk to visitors.

It started on Valentine’s Day last year, with giving away chocolate kisses and a Parklands business card, and graduated to grain-free doggie treats, July 4th red, white and blue chocolate covered almonds, and now, fall treats.

I find it fun to hand visitors treats at The Parklands when I’m there. I guess you could call me the “treat” Ambassador!

Membership “goodie bags” on Valentine’s Day. 


Thank you, Kathy, for all you do to help spread the word about the benefits of Parklands Membership!

Visit to learn how you can become a Member, helping to keep our parks safe, clean, fun and beautiful for all!