The Parklands

VIDEO BLOG: How to Properly Plant a Tree

Proper species selection, planting location, and proper planting technique are key to the survival of any tree you plant. Ideally, planting during the tree’s dormant season, after leaf drop in the fall and before bud-break in the spring, will be most successful because the tree is not actively growing. Andrew and Ronnie from The Parklands of Floyds Fork show you how to properly plant a tree. Video by Libbie Katsev.

Steps in Video:

1. Dig a hole twice as wide as the ball of the tree and as deep as the ball (but not deeper than the root crown).

2. Move the tree into the hole. 

3. Cut off ropes around the ball.

4. Carefully cut off wire basket.

5. Backfill (but keep the tree level).

6. Lightly pat down the soil.

7. Mulch about 3″ deep, at least 2′ wide (but don’t create a mulch volcano!) 

8. Water to complete saturation every couple of days.

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