The Parklands

The Sounds of Spring

Early spring is a great time to experience The Parklands in a new way – by closing your eyes and simply listening.  

This time of the year brings out our noisiest wetland residents – the spring peeper and the upland chorus frog. These two, very small frogs (.75 – 1.5 in.) make the loudest racket this side of a 12-year old with a new drum set. You are hearing their mating calls as they are using just about any wet spot – and there are plenty this year – to lay their eggs. The giveaway sound is a high pitch whistle that is nearly ear splitting if you are standing right next to the water. But kind of in an exciting, playful way. Below are links to the two calls.

Click to hear Spring Peeper Call.

Click to hear Upland Chorus Frog Call

Where & When to Listen

The best place to hear these spring noisemakers in The Parklands are at the Humana Grand Allee wetland and in the ponds between the John Floyd Fields fitness trail and the Pope Lick Parkway extension that runs to the Park Administration Office

These calls will last for about the next couple of weeks and peak out around dawn and dusk. Now is the time to get out to the park and listen to this classic Kentucky sign that spring is indeed right around the corner. 

To make it even more fun, when you are out there, see if you can tell the calls from one another and ID the frogs you are hearing. You’ll remember those calls so well when they come back next spring.

Learn More

Visit the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Amphibians page to learn more about frogs, toads, and salamanders in our area. You may also stop by the PNC Achievement Center in Beckley Creek Park to speak with one of our Interpretive Rangers.

Photos from Daviess Co. Audubon Web site. 
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