The Parklands

The Short Sleep

Living in Louisville, KY, we have the pleasure of experiencing those late winter days when the temperature warms to 60 (or nearly 70!). It’s as if Old Man Winter has fallen asleep and forgotten to send along the snow, frost and ice. On days like these, everyone is eager to get outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine before winter wakes up and remembers he still has us on his watch for another few weeks.

There are very few activities that you can’t do at The Parklands year-round, but here are a few things that you can look for when visiting during winter’s nap.

Wildlife – While fishing at Boulder Pond or walking around Sky Dome in Turkey Run Park, you might hear a distinctive, high pitch whistle. That’s the mating call of the Spring Peeper, a small frog that inhabits our wetlands. Read more about them here

A Bevy of Birds – We recently received the honor of being called one of Louisville’s best areas to bird watch following the Beckham Bird Club’s Big Year. The wetland habitat found in the Humana Grand Allee in Beckley Creek Park attracts an array of birds making it a popular location for birders to view several species on one visit. The Louisville Loop and unpaved trails in Pope Lick Park are also great locales for bird watching away from the crowd.

Stocked Lakes – Angler and Green Heron Lakes, two of our William F. Miles Lakes in Beckley Creek Park, were stocked with trout just this past Thursday, February 18, as part of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs) program. Green Heron features an ADA accessible fishing pier, perfect for those with limited mobility. Our lake parking lots can fill quickly, so please remember to only park in designated locations. Consider parking above the lakes at Miles Trailhead to give yourself a short stroll to top off your fishing trip. A fishing license is required (for anglers over the age of 16) and can be obtained at local sporting goods stores and at A trout permit is also required for trout fishermen. More on Fishing

Miles of Trails – Whether you prefer hiking, running or riding, there are more than a dozen miles of soft-surface trails throughout Beckley Creek, Pope Lick and Turkey Run Parks that ready to explore. When embarking on your journey, please keep in mind trail etiquette. The freshly melted snow has left some of our trails muddier than others. Those located in the shade will take longer to dry out. If there is mud on your heels or wheels, please turn around and consider checking out our paved trails. You can also explore our creek mileage by canoe, kayak or SUP using these tips. 10 Guidelines of Trail Etiquette

We hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the weather as we approach spring! Remember to be Park Smart following our rules and safety tips when heading out to fish, bird watch and or explore our trails! If you must bring valuables with you, keep them with you at all times. Also, help out our dedicated attendant crew by picking up after yourself. This small gesture will help keep our park clean and beautiful for all! 

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About the Author

Picture of Anna Rosales-Crone

Anna Rosales-Crone

As Manager of Marketing and Communications, Anna Rosales-Crone manages internal and external communications strategies for The Parklands, as well as marketing to promote facility rentals, educational programming, fundraising and overall park awareness. Anna was hired as Communications Coordinator in May of 2015 to help build awareness of the newly constructed park by managing The Parklands brand, website and social media. Prior to joining The Parklands team, she worked in communications at the American Red Cross for five years where she grew the Louisville Area Chapter’s digital and social media presence while supporting public relations, marketing and special events. She also provided public affairs support and guidance during major disaster operations. Anna is a graduate of the University of Evansville where she met her husband and the second love of her life—traveling. She also enjoys hiking, reading, baking, dancing, going to concerts and hanging out with her two cats. Contact me about: media relations, photo requests and website.