The Parklands Education Luncheon

A Benefit for The Parklands Outdoor Classroom

Thank you for joining us at The Parklands Education Luncheon.

By joining with hundreds of community leaders, entrepreneurs and fellow park lovers from across the Metro area to celebrate The Parklands Outdoor Classroom, Louisville’s preeminent outdoor science-based education program, you’ve helped make a difference.

THE PARKLANDS OUTDOOR CLASSROOM – The core purpose of the Parklands Outdoor Classroom is to teach science and natural history through dynamic experiences in the field that stimulate curiosity, critical thinking and discovery for children, adults and families — all resulting in an enhancement to scientific literacy in our community. We envision a future in which all people view themselves as life-long learners and share a connection to and appreciation for the natural world, their community and each other.

The Outdoor Classroom has delivered more than 167,800 outdoor education experiences to children and adults since 2013. You have helped us continue to make an impact in thousands of lives by supporting The Parklands Education Luncheon!

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