Meg Young

Staff Spotlight: Aaron Boggs

We are so proud to spotlight Aaron Boggs, our Director of Horticulture & Natural Areas at The Parklands’, for his recent appointment to President of the Kentucky Arborist Association (KAA). The KAA is a local chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. In their announcement, the KAA wrote, “With his extensive experience in arboriculture and unwavering dedication to the KAA mission, Aaron is well-positioned to lead the KAA into a new era of growth and innovation.”

The Parklands’ horticulture & natural areas department has thrived under Aaron’s leadership and passion for conservation & native work since 2019. We continue to be grateful for his vision, knowledge, and incredible work daily and are thrilled to see his expertise celebrated by members of the KAA. We are confident he will continue to make as much of a difference in the local community throughout his role as President of the KAA as he does as Director in The Parklands.

After 10 years with the KAA and over 30 working in the Green Industry, we couldn’t imagine a better president to help them grow and create a more beautiful, greener future for Kentucky. During his time as President, Aaron hopes to focus on promoting sustainable tree care practices, expanding educational initiatives, and advocating for the importance of professional arborists in preserving urban forests. Additionally, he has a passion for planting trees and hopes to continue adding to the thousands he’s planted across the city of Louisville.  We have certainly seen these passions reflect in Aaron’s work with The Parklands and his commitment to our mission to preserve and sustain the natural Kentucky beauty found here for generations to come.

Congratulations, Aaron! We are so grateful for your leadership, workmanship, and incredible passion for preservation and conservation every day. We could not imagine a better KAA President to lead them to even more success!