The Parklands

Snowy Park Photos For Those Stuck At Home

What a difference a few days can make:

Both photos of William F. Miles Lakes area in Beckley Creek Park. 

We are in full-on snowmageddon mode here in Louisville! The snow is beautiful, and it’s a great time to explore The Parklands, as long as you can get here safely (and you dress for the weather!) Our crews are busy working to clear roads, lots, and some paths after each snow event. Be patient with them, and if you see a member of our crew out shoveling snow or spreading salt, be sure to let them know you appreciate it – it’s hard work (which you may know if you’ve been shoveling your driveway!)

With school and business cancellations, you’re bound to get cabin fever, so we want to make sure you have somewhere to connect with the outdoors. Our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wonders is on-schedule today, and we always look to clear the Egg Lawn Signature Trail (0.7 miles in Beckley Creek Park) as soon as roads and lots are cleared. Then, when resources allow, we move to clearing the Louisville Loop. We want to make sure all you runners training for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Mini-Marathon have a safe place to run, even in the snow!

The PNC Achievement Center is open during regular winter hours, and you can always stop in to see what’s happening there. The Barklands is also open for pups wanting to romp in the snow. 

It truly is a winter wonderland out here, and we hope you come see if for yourself. BUT, if you’re stuck at home (under warm covers with a cup of coffee of cocoa) we don’t blame you for staying in. Here are some aerial photos of Beckley Creek Park to bring a little nature inside to you. Enjoy – and stay warm!

Creekside Center, from above the Egg Lawn, looking toward the Humana Grand Allee. 

The Donor Plaza at Humana Legacy Commons.

Festival Promenade at the Humana Grand Allee.

The Oak Picnic Grove alongside the Humana Grand Allee. 

All photos by Galen Hess. Thanks for sharing!

To see photos of people and wildlife out enjoying a snowy Parklands, click here

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Ellen Doolittle Oost

Ellen has been the Director of Development at 21st Century Parks since April of 2015. In this role she oversees fundraising functions for The Parklands, including the annual fund/membership campaign, corporate sponsorships, supporting the Board of Directors, leading major fundraising events, and seeking grant and foundational support. It’s her goal to create multiple compelling opportunities for donors to support The Parklands, a donor-supported public park that does not receive tax dollar support on an annual basis but has four world-class parks free and open to the public 365 days a year.

Although fairly new to this role, Ellen is intimately familiar with The Parklands as she spent the previous 3 years as the Communications Manager in charge of public relations, social media, community outreach and marketing for the parks. Before joining 21st Century Parks she spent three years with Louisville-based advertising agency Doe-Anderson. Her background also includes marketing and account service roles at Anheuser-Busch InBev, PriceWeber advertising agency, and direct mail marketing at Traffic Builders, Inc. Ellen is a graduate of Marietta College where she studied advertising, public relations and marketing and played volleyball. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with her two mutts and her husband Andrew.