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Shad Removal at Angler Lake

Beckley Creek Park

Shad removal will be conducted at Angler Lake in Beckley Creek Park February 7 and 8. Here is more information on how this process benefits the health of the lake, courtesy of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources:

Even though gizzard shad are native to KY, they can be detrimental to the overall balance of fish in a smaller pond. Having gizzard shad in a pond negatively effects the sunfish and bass populations. Shad eradication requires the application of small amounts of rotenone, an organic substance found in plants. The ponds will remain open to fishing during the week of treatment, but signage will be posted around the ponds to notify the public of treatment. Anglers are advised not to consume the dead fish during treatment, but other fish caught are safe to eat. Dead shad will be removed and hauled offsite. The use of live shad is prohibited at FINs ponds.

Find out more about FINs program HERE: https://fw.ky.gov/Fish/Pages/Fishing-In-Neighborhoods.aspx

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