The Parklands

Parklands Madness: Third Round Recaps

Well folks, it was a dramatic week as the competition advances. Read below to see the winners, the losers, and a stunning upset!

Arthropod Region:

Southern Devil Scorpion vs. Snail: UPSET ALERT!! In what may be the competition’s biggest upset, the common aquatic snail has beat the previously unbeatable Southern Devil Scorpion to advance to the next round! The paralyzing venom from the scorpion had no effect on the snail, who was happy to retreat inside its shell to wait out its competition. The scorpion was tired after hours of fighting, eventually yielding to its tiny competitor!

Orb-Weaver vs. Leech: The large Orb-Weaver edged out a win, toppling to gross leech to advance to the Arthropod Championship round.


Prairie Region:

Monarch Butterfly vs. Eastern Mole: They may be little, but this match-up was anything but small. Meeting half-way, the Monarch and the Mole had a rendezvous on the ground. The flashy colors of the butterfly had no effect on the mole, but its foul taste and skilled flying allowed it to coast past the for the W!

Red Fox vs. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird: In this match-up, size really did matter. While the Hummingbird was zippy, it couldn’t withstand the speed and jumps of the Red Fox.


Arboreal Region:

Red-tailed Hawk vs. Flying Squirrel: Taking the competition to the sky, the Red-Tailed Hawk and the Flying Squirrel had a not-so-merry jaunt among the tree-tops. While the Flying Squirrel was quick and nimble, it was no match for the cunning eyesight and silent flight of the Hawk, who came out on top!

Praying Mantis vs. Cardinal: While the Praying Mantis may usually be food for a Cardinal, this week it pulled out all of the camouflage stops, allowing it to hide from the Cardinal, eventually giving it the W.


Aquatic Region:

Beaver vs otter: It was a historic fight between these two aquatic mammals, with lots of swimming and dodging. But it was the mighty beaver that bested the otter. At this point, who isn’t scared of the beaver’s tail-slapping ferociousness?

Red-Eared Slider vs. Snapping Turtle: This surprising upset saw the small but mighty Red-Eared Slider edge out the Snapping Turtle to advance to the Aquatic Championship. This battle came down to swimming ability and the Slider flexed its quick paddling to best the slow snapping turtle.


Don’t forget! We’re down to only EIGHT Kentucky-Native species in our competition! This week’s match-ups will show which creature can call themselves champion of their habitat! Tune into our Facebook Event page to cast your vote on who the ultimate winner will be!

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