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Parklands Madness: Fourth Round Recaps

Eight entered, but only four have emerged victorious! Last week’s match-ups were a fight to determine the best adapted, coolest species in four regions of The Parklands! This round did not disappoint, with plenty of drama and upsets. Missed out on the action? Read below for a complete recap!


For the Insect and Arthropod region, the Orb-Weaver Spider and the Snail vied for the victory. After its historic run of upsets, the snail underdog just wasn’t fast enough or clever enough to outwit the cunning Orb-Weaver and its intricate, sticky web. The Orb-Weaver declared victory and will now advance to the semi-finals!

The Prairie region has been fairly predictable thus far, but that continuity ended as the match-up between the Red Fox and the Monarch Butterfly showed that drama isn’t just for the arthropods. Last week’s stunning upset came when the Monarch Butterfly fluttered and flew around its foxy competitor. The Red Fox may have taken a couple of nips, but the Monarch’s fowl taste was just too much for the fox, who waved the white flag as the Monarch Butterfly claimed the win! 

Representing the Arboreal Region, the Red-Tailed Hawk and the Praying Mantis engaged in a long battle for the title. Size definitely didn’t matter, as the Praying Mantis used its lightning-quick legs to shock and confuse the Hawk. But in the end, the Hawk’s razor sharp talons and formidable vision gave it the ultimate edge and led to its win! The Hawk will move on to represent the Arboreal Region in the semi-finals!

Last but not least, the Aquatic Region saw a great throw-down between the Red-Eared Slider and the Beaver. Both iconic, water-dwelling species had great adaptations for the match-up, but the crowd favorite beaver used its sheer size and iron-infused teeth to edge out a win against the Red-Eared Slider. The Beaver advances, and the battle proved that carnivores are not always the fiercest animals—herbivores can be just as ferocious!

And just like that, the semi-finals have arrived. Fighting for a spot in the final match-up, the Orb Weaver spider will take on the Monarch Butterfly, while the Red-Tailed Hawk and Beaver vie for victory! Head over to The Parklands Madness Facebook Page to cast your vote for your favorites in our Fierce Four. Voting begins on Thursday, April 23rd.