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The Parklands

October offers excellent trout fishing opportunities

The month of October often brings a sigh of relief from the heat of summer, and offers an abundance of outdoor activities. The forest is undergoing its yearly change and in turn paints the hillsides with an awe-inspiring array of colors. Certain animals and insects will be leaving The Parklands in anticipation of colder months to come, but others will be making their way here.

This month the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will be stocking the waterways of The Parklands. William F. Miles Lakes in Beckley Creek Park will be stocked with Rainbow Trout, along with Floyds Fork near the two paddling accesses and under I-64. Shortly after being placed in the ponds and creek, fisherman can enjoy the treat of catching these feisty and delicious fish.

A few ways tips on how to nab rainbow trout:

  1. One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to get ahold of rainbow trout is to use a small hook with two to three kernels of corn pushed onto the end. This method can be used with a sinker attached several inches above the hook fished off the bottom, or attached to a bobber/floater.
  2. Another “go to” bait for rainbows is a simple rooster tail spinning bait. Rooster tails can be obtained at most local sporting stores. This bait can be fished shallow or in the depths depending on the amount of time you allow for the bait to sink before retrieving it. In the early morning and late evening it’s best to fish shallow as the fish are near the top of the water. Do this by casting your rooster tail into the water then almost immediately begin your retrieval in a slow and steady motion.
  3. Last but not least, is the Berkley brand Trout PowerBait. These baits are play dough-like in nature and come in a small jar. Simply take out a pea-sized amount and wad it into a small oval shape to mimic salmon eggs. This bait, like the corn, can be fished with a bobber/floater or can simple sit on the bottom awaiting a bite.

These are not the only ways to enjoy trout fishing, but provide a basic outline for how trout can be caught with minimal purchasing power. Keep in mind, regulations dictate that rainbow trout do not have a size limit in our park but they do have a number limit of five fish daily. Also, in order to keep rainbow trout you must purchase a trout permit from Kentucky Fish & Wildlife. I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope to see you soon out by the water catching one of my favorite fish!

The October trout stocking is scheduled for 10/15/14 in Angler Lake, Green Heron Lake, and Floyds Fork. To learn more about fishing in The Parklands, and to see an annual stocking schedule, click here