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The Parklands

Members Make The Parklands a Special Place

Fall is a time of preparation. Squirrels gather nuts, turtles look for winter homes, deer seek mates, and birds are on the move. For The Parklands team, planting and trimming trees, weeding, spreading seeds, transplanting perennials, winterizing amenities and planning for the upcoming year are top priorities. 

During our Fall Membership Drive, October 1-7, The Parklands team will be getting the word out across the woods – we are free and open to all, 365 days a year. To do this we depend on our Members – we do not receive tax dollar support for daily operations. Keep an eye on our social media channels and watch for our friendly team and volunteers out in the park eager to talk about this special place and the perks of being a Member of The Parklands.

If you are taking the time to read this blog, chances are you love The Parklands. Are you a park lover, but still not a Member? Can I float down the fork a few reasons why you should join?

  1. Member support is essential to the daily operations of The Parklands.  Check out our Annual Report to learn how Members help make The Parklands a special place.
  1. Members receive invitations to exclusive events – opportunities to learn more about the natural areas in the parks and connect with other park lovers.  
  1. Each month, Members receive a copy of the Member Memo – an e-newsletter with insider information. 
  1. Members receive reduced rates on Parklands outdoor education programs. >Learn More
  1. Many local businesses offer discounts and special deals to Members of The Parklands. > Learn More 
  1. Members receive Parklands stickers and Membership cards. 


  1. A “Fungus Among Us” bandana and an invitation to the Annual Member picnic are special perks for Parklands Partners who give at $100+. >Learn more about mushrooms found in the park. 


Parklands Protectors*, who support at $250+ receive a pocket-sized trail map of Beckley Creek Park. > Learn more about the trail guide here.  


  1. Hound Dog Press created a gorgeous print of a wintry scene in Turkey Run Park for Parklands Protectors* at $500+ and a set of lovely note cards for Parklands Preservers* at $1,000+. >Peek inside Hound Dog Press 


  1. Sometimes, you’ve gotta go straight to the source – here are thoughtful accounts of why these folks think The Parklands is a special place and why they decided to become Members. 

“I grew up in the area and am very familiar with it and the flora found there. I support The Parklands because it gives me great pleasure to see a place so special to me preserved and shared with the public.” 

-Waldon R., Founding Member since 2013. 


“My family and I visit The Parklands 4-5 times a week to run, bike, hike and enjoy nature all year round. It’s the most beautiful, well maintained and enjoyable park in the area. I’ve run here in the rain, wind, floods, and snow. I’ve seen eagles, hawks, deer, snakes, turtles, and heron. I love the native Kentucky flora that has been planted. Just a beautiful park.”

-Cassie C., Member since 2017


“I absolutely love walking in The Parklands. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Every time I go, I am thankful to the people involved with the funding and design of it. It is truly one of my favorite places to go. I get so much pleasure from going there, and I know it takes a lot of money to maintain it. I wish I could give more, but I realize all contributions help.”

-Betty R., Member since 2018.


“It is a wonderfully designed park system with something for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. It is beautiful. I often pull my bicycle off the path, stop and take a few moments to nourish my soul with the surrounding nature.”

-Allen L., Founding Member since 2013.


“My family and I use the park frequently for long walks and biking. We love taking the dog and roaming the paved trails so that no matter what the weather is, the journey is enjoyable in every season.”

 -Bill L., Member since 2015


“The Parklands is an ever-changing palette of nature. Floyds Fork looks different every day as the water level changes. The colors of the foliage vary with the seasons. There is something new to discover and appreciate as mother nature does her thing. It is a place where I can exercise with my wife, my dog and on special days, both.”

-Robert G., Member since 2014.

Do you need a “Fungus Among Us” bandana to wipe away the tears after reading these powerful quotes from Members? The Parklands is more than a safe, clean, beautiful and fun park (although it’s that too!).  It is a place for outdoor education, recreation, and improved health and wellness. Every day, I hear stories from Members about how The Parklands has impacted their lives, their families, their classrooms and their communities. These are stories of discovery, rehabilitation, connection, and surpassing fitness goals. 

The Parklands is a special place. Visit us at Feel free to contact me with questions at 502-584-0350 or 

If you are already a Member and still reading this blog, THANK YOU! We hope you are proud of what YOU help us to deliver every day. The Parklands is a special place because of park lovers like YOU. 


*Each level includes subsequent level perks.        

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