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Picnic Area, Sports Fields, Trail, Wetland

Humana Grand Allee

Beckley Creek Park

Cross the Thornton Bridge from the Robert W. Rounsavall, Jr. Family Foundation Creekside Center and enter the Humana Grand Allee (pronounced “al·lée”), a greenspace of mown fields and old barns and trails winding along Floyds Fork. The Oak Picnic Grove and Country Lane Walk add a formal-gardens sense of dimension to the rustic scenery.

Read the names inscribed in the fountain of the Humana Legacy Commons, a circular picnic area dedicated to the donors of our Capital Campaign. (Please note that the water fountains near the donor fountain are turned off during the winter.) Marvel at the craftsmanship of the hand-built stone walls, then head down the Humana Grand Allee Trail, divided into three sections: The first is the Country Lane Walk, a path of crushed stone that shoots straight from the Legacy Commons to the Allee Wetlands. The second is the wooden Boardwalk, which spans the wetlands. And the third is the Festival Promenade, where trees have been planted to grow into an archway as they leaf out. Follow one of the gravel offshoots to meander by the picnic grove or sassafras bosque, or loop back onto the Louisville Loop or the park road. The Humana Grand Allee Sports Fields are exclusively reserved by Falls City Soccer Club. For information to reserve a field, visit www.fallscitysoccerclub.com.