Silo Center Bike Park

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  • Fishing
  • Paddling
  • 2.5 Mi
  • 1.25 Hr
Fishing Spot, Floyds Fork, Paddling Access

Broad Run Valley Paddling Access to Cliffside

Broad Run Park

Cliffsides dotted with vegetation overlook this section of Floyds Fork. Expect to see raccoons scurrying into hollowed sycamores lining the banks. The width of the creek makes it easy to get stuck in some spots, so keep an eye on water levels to avoid having to pull your boat through as you find the best route to Cliffside, the southernmost paddling access in The Parklands. Cliffside Paddling Access is the last access in The Parklands. Watch for signs and make sure to take out at Cliffside. If you miss it, the next designated landing is nearly 20 miles away.