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Get Creative with Corporate Events

Are you looking for the perfect venue to host your team? Whether it’s a fundraiser, gala, conference, or an everyday meeting, look no further than the Gheens Foundation Lodge. Nestled within the scenic and serene environment of Beckley Creek Park, this venue offers the perfect blend of cozy charm and modern amenities, ensuring your event is both memorable and productive.

A Scenic Venue with Modern Amenities

The Gheens Foundation Lodge stands out with its modern architecture and versatile spaces combined with its cozy and welcoming interior. Whether you’re hosting a large fundraiser or an intimate meeting, our venues can be configured to suit your specific needs. The Gheens Foundation Lodge features:

  • A Spacious Event Hall: Perfect for large gatherings, our UPS Great Room can be arranged for conferences, galas, parties, and more!
  • A Breakout Room: The Parklands Room is ideal for workshops, board meetings, or  team-building activities.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Ensure your presentations go off without a hitch with our modern audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet.
  • Comfortable Seating: From plush chairs to flexible seating arrangements, comfort is paramount.
Versatile Spaces for Every Occasion

The Gheens Foundation Lodge is designed with versatility in mind. Each space within the venue can be customized to fit the unique requirements of your event:

  • Corporate Fundraisers and Galas: Impress your guests with a sophisticated and elegant setting. The UPS Great Room can be transformed into a stunning venue for any fundraising event or gala. Not to mention the breathtaking views from its floor to ceiling windows!
  • Luncheons and Workshops: Utilize The Parklands Room for productive luncheons and workshops or as a breakout room in conjunction with our UPS Great Room. The adaptable room configurations ensure that your attendees have a comfortable and engaging experience from start to finish!
  • Small Conferences and Meetings: Our Gheens Foundation Lodge offers all the necessary facilities to host successful conferences and meetings. The peaceful setting enhances focus and creativity, making it an ideal location for strategic planning sessions and brainstorming meetings.
Embrace the Outdoors

One of the unique advantages of hosting your event at The Parklands is the access to picturesque outdoor spaces. If you need a break, some fresh air, or a change of scenery, you’ll find plenty of options:

  • Serene Trails: Take a stroll along the meandering trails or Louisville Loop that wind through The Parklands. It’s a great way to clear your mind and spark creativity.
  • Tranquil Overlooks: Enjoy breathtaking views from several scenic overlooks throughout Beckley Creek Park. These spots are perfect for small group discussions or simply unwinding.
  • Outdoor Team-Building: Engage your team with outdoor activities designed to strengthen bonds and improve teamwork. The natural setting provides a refreshing contrast to the usual office environment.
Bond with Your Team

Hosting your corporate event at The Parklands’ Gheens Foundation Lodge offers a unique opportunity to bond with your team. The tranquil surroundings and well-designed spaces encourage interaction and collaboration, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among your colleagues. Whether you’re planning a formal event or an informal gathering, The Gheens Foundation Lodge provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful connections.

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