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The Parklands

Buggin’ Out in The Parklands

As you stroll into the wilderness of The Parklands, you may notice outlandish creatures coming from every corner of the park. There is an entire World of insects that most of us average-Joe humans have no idea about. While you are out visiting The Parklands, observe your surroundings and see if a curious bug comes your way. Below is an album in honor of these peculiar insects that have been seen throughout our parks.

Banded Garden Spider. Scientific name: Argiope trifasciata. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


Differential Grasshopper. Scientific name: Melanoplus differentialis. Photo by park visitor, Matt Pribis.


Tussock Moth Caterpillar. Scientific name: Orgyia leucostigma. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


The Katydid (some may call him a “Leaf Bug”). Scientific name: Tettigoniidae. Photo by park visitor, Nate Bond.


Carolina Praying Mantis. Scientific name: Stagmomantis Carolina. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


European Hornet. Scientific name: Vespa crabro. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


Praying Mantis. Scientific name: Mantodea. Photo by park visitor, Ellen Stanley Sears.


Viceroy Butterfly (a Monarch mimic). Scientific Name: fLimenitis archippus. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


Satyr Butterfly. Scientific name: Neonympha mitchellii. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly. Scientific name: Speyeria cybele. Photo by Park Attendant, Jeff Mattingly.


 Have you seen an interesting species in The Parklands? Please don’t hesitate to share photos to our social media platforms, we love to see what you come across while exploring! 



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Taylor Freimund

As the Parklands Fund Coordinator, Taylor Freimund works with the Development team to coordinate annual fundraising and development events and activities, as well as overseeing fundraising marketing and donor communications. Prior to joining The Parklands team in the summer of 2017 as a Communications Specialist, she worked as an Administrative Assistant at UPS throughout college while receiving a Bachelor of Science in Communication. She focused her marketing and strategic communication efforts on non-profit work at Fund for the Arts, The KY Humane Society and The Cincinnati Art Museum. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee and hanging out with her dogs.