Beckley Creek Park Road Closure Saturday

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Portions of Louisville Loop Intermittently Closed

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Pumpkin Smash at Pope Lick

LOCATION: Pope Lick Park- Admission $10.00
DATE/TIME: Nov 5: 8PM-11PM
MOVIE: Sleepy Hollow (1999)
BENEFIT: Compost Co-op

Ultimate Halloween Fest presents The Pumpkin Smash at Legend at Pope Lick. Now that Halloween is over, don’t throw away those pumpkins! Did you know pumpkins produce a significant amount of methane as they degrade in the landfill?

INSTEAD bring your pumpkin out and smash it in fun, unique ways. Kind of like a rage room…but with pumpkins! Pumpkin parts will be donated to a local composting co-op so that the pumpkins can degrade appropriately and be used to give new life to community plants!

Around dusk, featured on the BIG screen will be the ultimate pumpkin smashing movie: Sleepy Hollow!

Also available are a variety of interactive games & escape rooms (Additional fees apply). If you are feeling bold, you can take on an immersive horror experience that is designed to be ultra scary (reservations required – NOT INCLUDED WITH ADMISSION).

Don’t forget to swing by the indoor gift shop to pick up some swag and unique souvenirs!

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